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Relationship Counselling Services & Marriage Therapy in Sydney CBD & Newtown

Relationship Counselling for singles can help you create the relationship you have always wanted…

Marriage Therapy can help you re-discover the love that brought you together….

Do you wonder:

“Why do relationships cause me so much pain?”

“Will I ever be happy in a relationship?”

If so, you are certainly not alone!

Many individuals and couples struggle with these questions for years without ever finding the answer that leads them to have a happy and fulfilling relationship or marriage.

Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, you are probably exhausted and fed up with the painful struggle. Maybe you cling to relationships that hurt because you’re scared to be alone. Or, you might find yourself taking a fast exit when the conflict or pain gets to be too much.

Whatever the case, you seem to repeat the same relationship mistakes over and over again, feeling more hurt every time.

You long for a healthy relationship that doesn’t constantly cause you pain.

Maybe you experience:

• the pain of constant bickering with your partner about things that never get resolved

• feeling alone or lonely because you’re afraid of being hurt

• a dissatisfying sex life where your needs don’t get met

• feeling insecure, clingy and jealous with your partner

• holding on to past relationship hurts and pain

• cheating or “running” away

• blaming, criticising or attacking your partner

• distrust or fear that you may be repeatedly hurt by love

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then you need to keep reading…

Relationship counselling can help you break free from deeply ingrained destructive patterns to create the loving relationship you have always longed for.

Through relationship counselling or marriage therapy, you can have:

Closeness and intimacy that comes from a safe, trusting and committed relationship

Open, honest and respectful communication where you are truly heard

Conflict that gets resolved and brings you closer together

Renewed sexual vitality with your partner

A trusting and meaningful relationship with your partner

A greater love for yourself and your relationship

Shared meaning, purpose and vision for your life and your relationship.

“I found it very helpful to be able to discuss issues openly and fully in the presence of a very skilled counsellor- who was able to guide my partner and I to resolve the main issue we sought help regarding. I felt we were at a stalemate or crossroads in our relationship and how we were moving forward. I will be making another appointment as soon as required! Many thanks” (Name withheld according to our privacy policy).

You don’t have to go through the pain alone. Marriage therapy or relationship counselling can help.

No one taught you how to have a happy and healthy relationship, so why would you know what to do?

Clinton Power & Associates have extensive experience in providing relationship and marriage counselling services to people who have struggled with relationship pain. They are determined to find a way to answer the question, ‘how can I be me and be in a relationship with you?’.

Through relationship or marriage counselling we will assist you in forming a relationship that is loving, nurturing and life-affirming. You can grow in your relationship and relate in healthy ways. You can find a way to voice your deepest needs. You can feel safe and secure in a long-lasting and profoundly satisfying relationship.

What makes us different from other relationship counsellors and marriage therapists?

• We have over 30 years combined counselling training and experience with providing couples therapy and individual counselling to people who have struggled with many of the painful issues that you may be dealing with right now.

• We are passionate about helping individuals and couples move out of negative and painful patterns of relating to live full and rich relationships that are life-enhancing, enduring and rewarding. This has been the case for many client journeys we have witnessed.

• Our relationship counselling approach is tailored to suit your unique needs. As part of how we work, we listen closely to what your relationships goals are and work side-by-side with you to achieve them.

• The foundation of our relationship and marriage counselling approach is holistic. We view the whole of you in the context of your unique needs, values and history. This allows us to support you in accessing your inherent resources and strengths. You can utilize your own ability to heal and recover from past relationship pain so that you feel happy and satisfied in a healthy loving relationship. This is the core approach we take for who we work with.

“We found our sessions exceedingly useful and worthwhile. I have regained a new sense of purpose. We have plenty to work with from what we have already covered. I think you do a great job” (Name withheld according to our privacy policy).

If you want to move beyond relationship pain, consider counselling at Clinton Power + Associates:  Sydney Relationship Counselling for Individuals and Couples

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Clinton Power + Associates provides relationship counselling, marriage counselling and individual therapy, servicing the following areas: Sydney CBD, East Sydney, Pyrmont, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, Newtown, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Enmore, Erskineville, St. Peters, Marrickville, Petersham, Ultimo and Alexandria.