31 Days to Build a Better Relationship

This is the book all couples need to read!

Author Clinton Power draws on more than decade of experience as a relationship therapist to give you a book full of easy to implement tips.

This book explains how to improve your relationship one day at a time.

You’ll Learn:

  • Clear, simple and practical advice on how to improve the quality of your relationship one day at a time.
  • How science and cutting-edge research about love can help you improve your relationship.
  • The most common communication issues and how to overcome them.
  • How you can improve your intimacy and sexual connection with your partner.
  • Clinton draws on some of the world’s leading couple researchers and therapists to bring you information which you can use, not only for 31 days, but for years to come. I’m sure that if you take action on any one of these tips, you will notice immediate positive changes in your life.”

    Vivian Baruch

    Relationship counsellor, VivianBaruch.com
  • This clear, concise, and direct book is great for anyone interested in enhancing their relationship, creating the closeness and intimacy of a healthy relationship. It is a book well worth having as it brings theory and actions for successful relationships together so beautifully.”

    Maya Floyd

  • Well, if you're looking for a readable, informative and practical guide to improving your relationship, this book hits the spot. . I think both men and women alike will appreciate this handy guide and enjoy downloading and discussing the fascinating array of topics. A helpful guide for all relationships.” 

    Gemma Summers

  • Clinton’s book provides useful tips and information that can be utilised immediately for couples. I would recommend that any struggling couple or couple looking to improve their relationship take the 31 day challenge!”

    Jenny Glick

    Marriage & Family Therapist
  • This book offers practical real world advice that you can use immediately. Clinton writes in an accessible way and gives useful examples of how to implement strategies in the minefield of human relationships. An enjoyable - and very useful - read."

    Valerie Khoo

    CEO, Australian Writers' Centre

Clinton Power

About the Author

Clinton Power is a clinical relationship counsellor  in Sydney, Australia, who helps singles and couples move out of relationship pain. He is the founder of Clinton Power + Associates, which provides high-quality relationship counselling from locations across Sydney.

Clinton is passionate about helping individuals and couples create healthy relationships. Since 2003 Clinton has provided relationship counselling and couples therapy to people who have struggled due to painful relationship patterns.

Clinton  is  the  former  founder  of  Australia  Counselling,  which  is  the leading online  directory  for  finding  counsellors  and  psychologists  in  Australia.  


Clinton’s  book  31  Days  to  Build  a  Better  Relationship  has  been  downloaded  over  4,000  times  and  has over 80% 5-star reviews on Amazon.com.

Clinton  is  regularly  featured  in  the  media  on  the  topic  of  relationships  and  has  been  interviewed  by  The Sydney Morning Herald, MSN,  The  Sun-Herald,  PsychCentral, Men’s  Health  Magazine,  Cosmopolitan,  ABC  Radio  National,  triple j, SBS  Radio  and  2UE  Radio.